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North East Conveyancers prides itself on being a full service conveyancing firm. Often we are the firm that others conveyancers refer difficult or complex transactions to when expertise is needed.

 No matter the transaction, we are here to help as you representation and partner through the transaction.

Buying Property

Talk to us early! The best time to talk to your conveyancer is before you sign a contract or when you are in your cooling off period.

We can review your contract and Form 1 before you become bound by the agreement (contract). This is the best time to clarify and amend a contract that doesn’t reflect what you have agreed, and to ensure that you are fully aware of what your rights and obligations are – this is especially important before an auction as you do not get a cooling off period.

We can also assist with advice on holding the property, to ensure that you are registered in a way that best reflects your wishes should disaster strike, but also to best manage land tax liabilities and the like. We want to avoid all nasty surprises, so benefit from our experience.

Selling Property

Whether selling through an agent or privately, or transferring between family members – we can help.

We can assist with all documents, from undertaking the appropriate property searches, preparation of the contracts and Form 1, and the settlement process to ensure that you have a solid binding contract to give you peace of mind.

All Form 1 are prepared by our wholly owned subsidiary company the NEC Form 1 Service, which unlike some form 1 services is fully backed by Professional Indemnity Insurance. We can provide your agent the fully executed Form 1 in an efficient and timely manner ready for the auction or negotiated sale so you donk risk losing that all important buyer.

We can then handle the settlement process in an efficient and professional manner.

Land Divisions

North East Conveyancers has been seen as a key partner to clients in the Land Division area of conveyancing.

Whether it is “cutting the back off” the family home or a multi-stage land division, or something in between, Torrens Title or a Community Plan, North East Conveyancers can help. We can assist your selling agent with the appropriate special conditions to allow you to get pre-sales, and we can guide you through the various stages, and complete your settlements after the division is complete.

We know the pressures of a land division and the critical timings, and how they effect cashflow and efficiently getting properties to market, we understand the complexities and we know how to navigate them.

We lodged the first Community Title application in South Australia and haven’t looked back. Benefit from our experience.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property always brings complexities. GST, assignment of leases, new leases, stamp duty concessions and ownership structures, and additional disclosure requirements as the vendor are some of the considerations that you need to take into account. Whether you are selling or buying commercial property, at North East Conveyancers we can help you through these, see us early in the process to avoid issues down the track, and benefit from our experience.

Contact North East Conveyancers and see the difference a quality conveyancer can make.

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